Solatube is a company that provides skylights for NZ homes, and has been bringing natural daylight solutions to Kiwi homes for over 25 years. Their range of tubular skylights means a Solatube can fit into any home, bringing all of the benefits of in-home natural light in reach for every Kiwi in the country. Instead of running up the energy bill in winter months or tripping over clutter in the darkest corner of the house, Solatube encourages homeowners to use the daylight already present outside and bring it inside!

Using Raybender 3000 and INFAREDuction technology to filter out warmth and harmful rays, the patented Solatube daylighting system captures only the right type of light – whilst maintaining maximum light output – and brings it into the home. There is no risk of UV damage or overheating the household thanks to these advanced technological measures.

Homeowners who choose to install a Solatube skylight can also choose from a number of available add-ons to customise their Solatube experience. The range of diffusers allows the owner to select a design that goes together with other interiors, providing maximum light output with maximum flexibility. Customers can also invest in a dimmer that allows them to control the amount of light that makes it into their home, or a light add-on kit that turns the Solatube into a dual-purpose light for both night and day. Enjoy a brighter home with Solatube’s revolutionary technology, and discover the health benefits – such as better sleep and increased focus – of letting natural light into your life.

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